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degoma created and owns the IP of Reggie®, a likeable round and red little creature from a very far future (the 16.000th century) with special gravitational abilities. Reggie is the perfect videogame hero for our decade: adorable but flawed, clumsy but sharp-witted, and surrounded by a quirky fun multi-layered Universe which has some to offer to both kids and adutls.

We are currently working in the first title featuring Reggie,

"Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the worlda 2.5D action platformer for consoles with a polished game design and a rich sci-fi story displayed in traditional hand drawn animated cartoons.


More Reggie titles will come, including a second part in 3D in which Reggie has different gravity powers, and a simplified sequel for mobile, so Reggie can arrive to all sorts of audiences.



VR Secret Project

degoma is preparing a multiplayer VR party game, which promise real fun to all target audiences, including the most casual ones. Stay tuned, the project will be revealed soon!
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