is a small gaming studio based in Amsterdam. We are basically two people originally from Spain who were raised between a full-of-viruses 386 PC and a nintendo 64, and we used to have fun programming amateur adventure games many, many years ago..


we decided it was finally time to get it a little more pro, so we are now working hard in our very first commercial game, “Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world”. Reggie is a platformer game born in the tradition of the old Marios, but including also many interesting twists and a particular sense of humour.


The most amusing aspect

of game developing is that it gives you the chance to work in many different disciplines at the same time, so it hardly ever gets boring. There is a lot of graphic design, some music composing, (too) much programming, brainstorming and investigation about new mechanics. And of course the development of the history, dialogues and script, our favourite part.


In Degoma,

we like to take control of the full process and pay attention to every single detail, aiming to achieve a game which is solid and, much more important, fun. Degoma stands for “made of rubber” and thats how we would like to be: flexible, unpredictable and with no fear to change. We are trying our luck with a platformer right now, but we also keep many more aces under the sleeve. You will see.



PressKit & Events

Gloria Garcia - Project direction, story script, programming

Frank Garcia - Game design, art direction, 3D modelling, music composition

Phannipa Jaratsed - 2D backgrounds

Youli Lambrianidis - Beta testing

Petros Papadopoulos - Website