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degoma is an independent game studio based in Amsterdam and founded by siblings Gloria and Frank Garcia.

In degoma we handcraft our games carefully, from beginning to end, and with attention to detail. We won't release anything unless it's proved to be fun.

The design, implementation, narrative, storyboarding, animation, porting, music, playtesting of our games are all done inside degoma, in order to guarantee their quality, consistency and originality.

... degoma is a studio

   - Authorised by Nintendo as a Nintendo Switch developer

   - Authorised by Microsoft as a Xbox developer

   - Certified by SBB as a training workplace

   - Owner of a Benelux trademark

   - Also specialised in traditional 2D animation

... fun fact about degoma

Did you know than in Spanish language, degoma stands for "made of rubber"? This is how we want to be: flexible, unpredictable and eager to explore new styles and genres.

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